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Our mission: give happiness

You should get the gift that you are really happy about! But we also want you to give true happiness. With Giftshappiness you can easily create your online wish list for free and share it with family and friends.

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Giftshappiness - Our story

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing our society. Under the mission "gift happiness" we are fighting unnecessary consumption. Because let's be honest: Why should CO2 be emitted to give a gift to someone who is not happy about it?

With Giftshappiness you get the gift that you are really happy about.

With that we achieve...

... no unnecessary product exchange, because the gift is not liked

... no gifts for the trash can.

... true happiness of the recipient, but also of the giver

With Giftshappiness we want to contribute to make consumption more sustainable.

That's why we plant a tree for every wish list that is used to buy three gifts.


Trees have already been planted


Let yourself be inspired in the world of gifts - according to the motto "give happiness".