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Let's explore the features of the Giftshappiness wish list

smartphone displaying the Giftshappiness online wish list

Bring your design alive

Customised list image & banner as well as list name, description and more ...

Every shop worldwide

Product image, name & price are provided automatically

Your list - your order

Sort and categorise your wishes as you like

What occasion is the Giftshappiness wish list suitable for?

santa with gifts in front of a Christmas tree

Christmas wish list

Giftshappiness is your wish list for Christmas. Make your list of things you want for Christmas. This is how you can enjoy a great celebration with us as an online wish list.

bride and groom

Wedding gift list

With the Giftshappiness Online Wish List you can create your digital wedding gift table. Create your wedding gift list and get your best gifts.

boy surrounded by gifts and balloons

Birthday wish list

Create your birthday wish list. Fill your birthday or children's birthday wish list and use it as a gift table to fulfill your wishes.

baby surrounded by gifts and clouds

Baby wish list online

Giftshappiness is your online baby wish list. Whether for the birth or the baby shower: the perfect baby gifts are available with the baby wish list online from Giftshappiness.

Whether as a Christmas wish list, wedding gift list, birthday wish list or baby wish list: Giftshappiness is your perfect choice for every occasion.

Get an overview of what Giftshappiness looks like

written wish list
girl with blond hair

My watch list

reindeer on ice in front of a forest
father and little son

Merry Christmas!

multiple gifts
father and little son

We're getting married

Click on the lists and see what the Giftshappiness list looks like for your friends and family.

How does Giftshappiness work?

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Create Wish List

Just one click and your Giftshappiness wish list is created. No costs. No registration.

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Add Wishes

Add your wishes automatically from any shop in the world - whether online or offline.

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Share Wish List

Share your wish lists in seconds via WhatsApp or social media. 100 % secure thanks to password protection.

Our users say: Giftshappiness is the best online wish list

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Giftshappiness as watch list

“I use Giftshappiness as a watch list for my wishes. The automatic addition makes it super easy & I don’t forget anything.”

aa couple hugging each other

Ben & Maria

Giftshappiness as wedding wish list

“We have often been asked what we would like for our wedding. With Giftshappiness we were able to easily organize our wishes.”

a father and son smiling

Anton & Tony

Giftshappiness as birthday wish list

“It was super easy and worked great. My friends have only said good things about using it.”

Create your Giftshappiness online wish list

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two mobile phones displaying the Giftshappiness wish list

Giftshappiness is the perfect wish list for any occasion

At Giftshappiness, we believe that gift-giving should be a joyful experience for everyone involved. With our online wish list, you'll never have to settle for a disappointing gift again. And for those who want to give a gift, our platform makes it easy to find the perfect present for your loved ones. Don't settle for ordinary gifts – make your next special occasion truly memorable with Giftshappiness. Create your online wish list today and start receiving gifts you'll love.

Add products from anywhere - whether online or in store

You can put all your wishes on your Giftshappiness online wish list - no matter which shop, online or offline. For online requests, simply copy the URL and we will provide you with all product data (product name, image, price). This works with every shop worldwide. If you want to create an offline request, you can create the data surrounding your request manually.

Customize your wish list with a personal banner and profile picture

Your wish list - your design options. As with your social media profile, you can customize your wish list to suit your tastes. Upload an individual profile picture and adapt your list to the appropriate event using a banner image. You can choose from banner templates or upload a completely individual banner. With the Giftshappiness wish list, there are no limits to your individualization.

100% secure: Protect your online wish list with a password

Safety is our top priority! Your wish list is 100% secure. In addition to various security measures around the website, you can also protect your data. This means you can assign your online wish list an individual password before sharing, which your friends will have to enter before they can access your list.

Sort your wishes the way you like

If your wish list is full, you can lose track of things. Not with Giftshappiness! Sort your wishes in the order you like. This way you can set your own priorities or organize your wishes according to your logic. Have fun sorting your wishes on the Giftshappiness online wish list.

PC or cell phone - it doesn't matter! Use Giftshappiness on all of your devices

Giftshappiness is optimized for different devices. Whether on a desktop PC, Android smartphone or iPhone: Giftshappiness works perfectly everywhere and looks great. A mobile navigation bar at the bottom of the screen helps you with mobile use and makes the wishlist experience unique. We'll show you how you can use Giftshappiness as an iOS app in this video.(Click Here)

List management: Always keep an eye on friends' wish lists

In addition to a wish list overview with the lists you have created (requires registration), you will also find an overview of your friends' wish lists. These are automatically added to the overview when you log in to your friend's list. Alternatively, you can manually add the wish list to your friends' wish list overview. This way you can always keep track of upcoming events and gifts.