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The Giftshappiness baby wish list in a nutshell

smartphone displaying the Giftshappiness baby wish list

Full Customization

Add individual images, text and descriptions - however you like.

Online & Offline

Add items from online shops (automatic data fetching) or from a store nearby.

Order as you like

You can order and sort your wishes however you like.

Look how your Giftshappiness baby list looks for your guests

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Item watch list

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Christmas wishes!

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Happy wedding

Look how your Giftshappiness baby list looks for your guests

How does the Giftshappiness baby list work?

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Create baby wish list

Create your online wish list for your baby in one click. Cost-free & no registration needed.

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Add items for your baby

You can add items from Amazon or dedicated baby shops - however you like.

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Share with friends and family

Share your baby wish list together with a baby shower invitation via Social Media. Secure your list with a password (optional).

Our users say: Giftshappiness is the best baby wish list

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Giftshappiness as baby item watch list

“Giftshappiness was super helpful in collecting the items I would need for our baby. Hence, I always had a good overview what was still missing.”

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Marcus & Anna

Giftshappiness as baby shower list

“We have often been asked what we would like for our baby party. Gift organization is super easy with Giftshappiness.”

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Peter & Leno

Giftshappiness as baby initial equipment list

“It was super easy and worked great. The automatic wish addition of the most important baby articles was smooth.”

Create your Giftshappiness baby wish list

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Giftshappiness is the perfect wish list for the birth or your baby shower

The anticipation is huge - your offspring is on the way: Yippee! Baby stress begins before birth. Strollers, cuddly toys and clothes can be selected and purchased. The Giftshappiness Baby wish list will help you with this, as it organizes all of your items so that you can always keep track of them.

If mom, dad or friends would like to give you a gift, you can simply share your baby wish list. This means you get exactly the baby gifts you really need. True joy & less stress: this is the Giftshappiness baby wish list.

Organize the baby's initial equipment

Organize the baby's initial equipment

  1. Baby furniture and sleeping equipment: A bassinet, a baby crib, mattresses, bedding and sleeping bags to ensure a safe and cozy place to sleep.
  2. Breastfeeding and feeding accessories: Nursing pillows, breast pumps, bottle sterilizers and special baby bottles for optimal feeding of the newborn.
  3. Diaper changing and hygiene products: Diapers, wet wipes, changing mats, creams and care products for baby's delicate skin.
  4. Safety and health products: Baby monitors, socket protectors, nasal aspirators, thermometers and first aid kits for baby's safety and health.
  5. Clothing and accessories: Bodysuits, rompers, hats, socks and blankets made from soft materials for the well-being and warmth of the newborn.

The baby shower as a unique event

A baby shower is a celebration of new life and an opportunity for family and friends to express their love and support. Make your baby shower unforgettable by putting together a baby wish list with items to help you prepare for the new addition to your family.

Easily share your list with your guests to ensure you don't receive duplicate gifts. Ultimately, using an online baby shower wish list promotes efficient and thoughtful gift selection, helping to ensure parents are fully equipped for their baby's arrival.

smartphone displaying the Giftshappiness baby wish list

Add products from the baby shop of your choice - online & offline

Create your ultimate baby wish list with Giftshappiness! No limitations on where your dreams come from - whether it's a cozy corner boutique or the vast online marketplace. Easily add online items by copying the URL, and we'll magically fetch all the details for you: product name, image, and price. Our wizardry extends to offline finds too - just jot down the details, and we'll weave them into your list seamlessly. Your baby's dreams know no bounds, and neither does our wish list magic!

Full customization of your baby wish list

Unleash your creativity with your very own wish list design! Just like your social media profile, tailor your list to reflect your unique style. Personalize it with an individual profile picture and set the perfect tone for any occasion with a custom banner image. Whether you prefer our selection of banner templates or want to upload your own masterpiece, the possibilities are endless. With Giftshappiness, your wish list is as unique as you are, with no boundaries to your personalization journey!

100% secure: Optional password protection of your online wish list

Rest assured, safety comes first at Giftshappiness! Your baby wish list is safeguarded with top-notch security measures, ensuring 100% protection. Beyond the website's robust security, you have the power to further shield your data. Assign a unique password to your online wish list before sharing it, ensuring that only trusted friends can gain access. Your privacy is paramount, and we've got you covered every step of the way!

Sort baby wishes as you like

Forget about losing track of your wishes - Giftshappiness has you covered! Take control and organize your wishes exactly how you want. Whether you prefer setting your own priorities or arranging them based on your logic, our online wish list lets you sort with ease. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to personalized organization - have a blast sorting your wishes on Giftshappiness!

Full flexibility: Giftshappiness is perfectly mobile-optimized

Experience Giftshappiness in its full glory across all your devices! Whether you're browsing on a desktop PC, an Android smartphone, or an iPhone, rest assured that Giftshappiness is optimized for seamless performance and stunning visuals. Navigate effortlessly with our mobile-friendly interface, featuring a handy navigation bar at the bottom of your screen for a truly unique baby wish list experience on mobile devices. Curious about using Giftshappiness as an iOS app? Check out our video guide for a step-by-step walkthrough!(Click Here)

Add baby lists of your friends to never miss important events

At Giftshappiness, stay effortlessly organized with a comprehensive overview of your wish lists and those of your friends. Upon registration, access a convenient overview of all the lists you've created, ensuring you never lose sight of your own wishes. Plus, effortlessly stay in the loop with your friends' wish lists - they're automatically added to your overview when you log in to their list. Alternatively, manually add your friends' wish lists to your overview for easy tracking of upcoming events and gift ideas. With Giftshappiness, staying connected and prepared for every occasion is a breeze!

There are multiple other occasions where a online wish list strikes

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Christmas wish list

Giftshappiness serves as your personalized Christmas registry. Craft your holiday wish list filled with desired items. It's the perfect way to ensure a memorable online celebration with us.

bride and groom

Wedding gift list

Utilize the Giftshappiness virtual registry to curate your digital wedding gift experience. Craft your personalized wedding gift list and receive the perfect gifts for your special day.

boy surrounded by gifts and balloons

Birthday wish list

Design your personalized birthday wish list! Whether it's for your own birthday or your children's special day, fill it with all your desired gifts. Transform it into a gift table where your wishes can come true!

For any occasion - be it Christmas, weddings, birthdays, or baby showers - Giftshappiness stands as your ultimate choice.