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Christmas wishes

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Wedding 2030

Click on the demo lists to see how your birthday wish list will look like for your friends.

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Create your Giftshappiness birthday wish list in one click. 100% free. 100% no registration.

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Whether you find your birthday gift online or offline: add items from the shop you like.

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Simply share your birthday list in your created WhatsApp group or other social channels. Optionally, you can assign a password to your list.

Our users love Giftshappiness for their birthday parties

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Birthday wish list for her son's birthday

“For the party of my son I used the Giftshappiness wish list. It was super easy to share with the other parents and organize the perfect gifts that my son loved!”

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Anton & Hannah

Celebrating our 60s birthday

“Together we became 60 some weeks ago and celebrated together. Our friend' asked us for our wishes several time. Giftshappiness was the perfect gift organization tool for us and our birthday party.”

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Max & Tommy

Giftshappiness as birthday watch list

“Throughout the year we save gift ideas on our Giftshappiness list. Our family enjoys the great gift ideas for the birthday parties.”

Create your birthday online wish list

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The Giftshappiness is the perfect online wish list for your birthday

Congratulations! Birthdays are a special time of year that we love to share with friends and family. What could be better than celebrating this day with all the things you really want? This is where our online birthday wish list comes into play it is more than just a list of gift ideas. It is your personal treasure chest for your heart's desires!

The beauty of our online wish list is the ease with which you can share your dreams. No more worrying about whether you're too shy to voice your desires or whether someone has the same idea as you. The list makes it so easy to share your thoughts while making sure everyone knows what makes your heart beat faster.

Maybe you're longing for a new adventure and want a book that will touch your soul, or dreaming of a food processor to expand your culinary skills. It could also be that you've been dreaming of a cozy day in soft, fluffy slippers for a long time. No matter what your wishes are, the online wish list is the place where they can become reality.

Our platform makes it easy to add different requests - be it a link to a specific article or a general idea. Your friends and family can then easily choose what they want to give you. This way everyone can be sure that you are getting something that you really want and that comes from your heart.

Birthday is your time to be the center of attention and feel loved. Let's work together to ensure that this day is exactly how you want it to be, with our online birthday wish list as your personal companion for unforgettable gifts!

Find the perfect birthday present


Whether you dream of traveling, have your eye on the latest technology, crave a touch of luxury or just prefer heartfelt gestures, you'll find the best ideas for the ideal birthday gift here. We want this day to be unforgettable for you and to fulfill your wishes, no matter how big or small they may be.

And to support you on your journey of discovery, we have developed the Giftshappiness gift finder. With this clever tool you can write down a little information about the person you want to give the gift to, and individual gift ideas will be suggested to you. Be inspired by a variety of suggestions and find the gift that will make hearts beat faster!

Birthday wishes from online shops or botiques nearby

Add whatever products you like to your birthday wish list. You can either search for wishes via the integrated wish search engine, add birthday wishes manually or even get inspired by wishes of others. We cooperate with 12,000+ shops worldwide for you to enjoy a hassle-free birthday party.

Choose between fitting images or select individual ones

Individualize your birthday list as you like. CHoose from suitable birthday-theme images or upload your own. You can even use your Giftshappiness list as invitation by adding a description with all relevant information for your party.

Optional password protection to decide who enters and who not

You don't like unwanted visits? We neither! You can protect your birthday wish list with a password which you friends need to enter before accessing your list.

Full birthday wish prioritization due to customized wish sorting

Choose which items your friends should see first. Sort your birthday wishes as you like and put your priorities straight. Because our loved ones should always be on top!

Giftshappiness works on all devices and especially optimized for mobile use

Giftshappiness was designed with a mobile-first approach meaning that smartphone usage was prioritized. Still, Giftshappiness works flawlessly on all devices: PC, tablet or smartphone. You can even add Giftshappiness to your mobile home screen to function as app. We show you how in this video(Click Here)

You don't want to miss friends' birthdays? Your friends' lists always at a glance

Keep track of all wish lists from yourself, but also friends. We automatically add wish lists of your friends to your shared wish list overview (registration & login required). In this way you never miss upcoming birthdays and always have the perfect birthday gift at arm's length.

Giftshappiness works perfectly not only for your birthday

santa with gifts in front of a Christmas tree

Christmas wish list

Christmas is coming - Giftshappiness is here for you. Create your online wish list for Christmas in seconds.

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Wedding gift list

Enjoy your special day instead of losing your head on gift organization. Giftshappiness works perfectly as wedding wish list.

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Baby wish list online

You have a newborn coming? Organize your baby's initial equipment buy or inform friends about your wishes for your baby shower.

Giftshappiness is your number 1 birthday wish list. But not only that: use Giftshappiness for Christmas, your wedding and baby shower to enjoy hassle-free gifting.