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Unique features for your Christmas wish list

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Feastive Christmas design

Add Christmas-theme images out of a preselection or upload your own. Add individual descriptions if you want to.

Add any Christmas gifts

You can add any kind of products - online or offline. Use our wish search engine or get inspired by others

Smart & unique features

Add an address to let guests send you gifts or sort wishes as you like.

How does Giftshappiness look like?

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My best Christmas wishes

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Happy wedding

Click on the lists and see what the Giftshappiness list looks like for your friends and family.

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Create Christmas list

Create your cost-free Christmas wish list in one click. You require no account.

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Add Christmas wishes

Add Christmas wishes via our wish search engine, manually via URL or get inspired by wishes of others.

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Share with Santa

Let Santa know your best wishes. Share your list via Social Media and protect it with a password (optional).

Giftshappiness is the No. 1 Christmas wish list

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Giftshappiness as watch list

“I use Giftshappiness as a watch list for my wishes. The automatic addition makes it super easy & I don’t forget anything.”

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Ben & Maria

Giftshappiness as wedding wish list

“We have often been asked what we would like for our wedding. With Giftshappiness we were able to easily organize our wishes.”

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Anton & Tony

Giftshappiness as birthday wish list

“It was super easy and worked great. My friends have only said good things about using it.”

Make your Christmas online wish list

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The Giftshappiness is the perfect online wish list for Christmas

Christmas is the time of wishes and dreams. We used to write our heartfelt wishes on a handwritten or painted note that we then gave to Santa Claus or our parents. But today new opportunities are opening up to continue this tradition in a contemporary way: the online wish list.

Choosing an online wish list has numerous advantages. One of the main aspects is the ease of updating. No matter whether you come across a new favorite book in the middle of the year or find out about a coveted gadget just before Christmas - your list can be updated at any time so that your loved ones are always informed about your current wishes.

In contrast to the traditional wish list, which is often written in the rush just before the holidays, the online wish list allows you to collect inspiring ideas all year round. Be it during a relaxing summer day or after an exciting city trip - every moment can serve to expand your list and thus increase the anticipation of Christmas.

Gift ideas for an unforgettable Christmas

So that your loved ones know exactly what makes your heart beat faster, we have put together some gift ideas for you:

  • Personalized Gifts: You can show your special appreciation with individually designed gifts.
  • The classics: The classics include a new book or (knitted) socks
  • Technology highlights: From smart home gadgets to the latest electronic gadgets, tech gifts delight young and old alike.
  • Experience gifts Give The gift of unforgettable moments, be it a wellness weekend, a concert visit or a culinary discovery tour.
The online wish list combines the nostalgic tradition of wishing with the advantages of modern technology. Not only does it make giving gifts easier, it also makes collecting your heartfelt wishes a year-round pleasure. Let the anticipation of Christmas begin today and experience a special kind of celebration with the perfect gifts from the heart.

Add and find Christmas gifts via wish search or inspiration tab

Search for Christmas wishes directly in your wish list. Alternativly, add items manually or via URL where the product data is automatically added. You can even get inspired by wishes of others.

Make your Christmas wish list feastive with individual images

Let your list appear in your favourite design. You can add individual banner and profile images as well as a personal note to Santa.

We value security! Restrict access to your wish list with a password

Before sharing your list you can assign your Christmas list a password. By doing so, your friends need to enter the password before accessing the list. Of course, Santa doesn't need a password to know your favourite wishes.

Unique sorting and address features for you and your guests

Giftshappiness is full of helpful features to make your life easier. Sort your wishes as you like to assign priority. Moreover, you can store your address to inform friends which want to send gifts to you.

100% mobile optimized experience. Perfect responsiveness for all devices

"This feels like a mobile app". We often hear this. We designed Giftshappiness in a mobile-first approach to let it work seemlessly on your mobile, PC and tablet. We show you how you can add Giftshappiness to your home screen as app icon in this video.(Click Here)

Save your friends' list on your shared wish list overview

It's challenging to remember all events. Hence, you can save wish lists of your friends to your shared wish list overview to always keep all upcoming events and gift purchases nearby.

Giftshappiness is more than a Christmas wish list

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Wedding wish list

Experience the convenience of Giftshappiness online wish list, where you can craft a personalized digital wedding gift table. Curate your exclusive wedding gift registry and receive the perfect gifts tailored just for you.

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Birthday wish list

Craft your unique birthday wish list today! Whether it's for your own birthday celebration or for your children, fill it with your desired gifts and transform it into a personalized gift table to bring your wishes to life.

baby surrounded by gifts and clouds

Baby wish list

Giftshappiness presents your ultimate online baby wish list destination. Whether it's for celebrating a birth or a baby shower, discover the perfect gifts for the little one through our curated selection available on the Giftshappiness baby wish list.

Giftshappiness stands as the ideal choice for any occasion, be it a Christmas wish list, wedding gift list, birthday wish list, or baby wish list. Whatever the celebration, make Giftshappiness your go-to platform for creating the perfect lists tailored to every special moment.