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Why is Giftshappiness the perfect wedding wish list?

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Your wedding - your design

Choose between wedding-themed images or upload own to style your list as you like. Add a description for more context.

Included wish search

Search via the integrated wish search or add a wish from any shop worldwide.

Smart ordering

Prioritize your wedding wishes by customized sorting.

Get an overview how Giftshappiness looks for your wedding guests

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My Christmas wishes

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Wedding 2030

Click on the lists and see what the Giftshappiness list looks like for your friends and family.

Your wedding wish list in 3 steps

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Create wedding gift registry

You can create your wedding list in only 1 click without cost and registration.

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Add marriage wishes

Use the integrated wish search engine or add wishes via URL. We automatically provide the product data.

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Share wedding list

Share your wedding list via social media or include it in your wedding invitation.

Giftshappiness is recognized as leading wedding wish list

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Giftshappiness for wish organization

“For our wedding I organized our wishes with Giftshappiness. A flawless experience that ensured we only received gifts we really wished for.”

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Benjamin & Lisa

Giftshappiness as marriage list

“Many have inquired about our wedding wishes, and with Giftshappiness, we effortlessly organized them all.”

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Michael & André

Giftshappiness for wedding guests

“Giftshappiness saved the struggle of finding a good gift. It was great that we knew our gift would be liked.”

Make your wedding online wish list

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Congratulations for engagement! The planning of your dream wedding is coming up, and we know that the question about your wishes for your wedding gifts cannot be missed. So that you don't have any unpleasant surprises and your guests know exactly what brings you joy, we present you the advantages of our online gift list.

Why a gift list?
The question of the perfect wedding gift can be tricky. Whether it's monetary gifts for the wedding reception, practical household items or a special trip - the wishes are as individual as your love. So that your guests don't feel in the dark and you receive exactly what your heart desires, a gift list is the solution.

For the bridal couple:
Easy communication: You can communicate your wishes clearly and easily.
Avoiding duplication: Thanks to reservation and ordering functions, you can prevent duplicate gifts.
Flexibility: Your guests have the choice to give a larger gift together.

For the guests:
Stress-free gifting: One look is enough and they know what makes you happy.
Online ordering: Gifts can be selected and ordered from the comfort of your own home.
Individual participation: Even distant guests can easily send gifts by mail.

The best ideas for your wedding wish list

smartphone displaying the Giftshappiness wedding wish list

To make your gift list as unique as your love, we have some popular ideas for you:

  • Romantic dinner
  • Wellness short break
  • Couple photo shoot
  • Household items
  • Cooking class
  • Decorative items
  • (Surprise) trip with friends
  • Voucher for a couples massage
  • Balloon ride/sightseeing flight
  • Boat trip
  • Cash gifts
It is important that there are more gifts than guests so that everyone has free choice.

Communicate your wedding wishes

The easiest way to make your guests aware of the gift list is to integrate it into the wedding invitation. An enclosed card with a loving note is enough: "Of course you are our greatest gift! If you would still like to give us something, you can find our gift list here.

If the invitations are already on the way, don't worry! A separate card or a friendly email will also convey your wishes to your guests afterwards.

A contemporary solution to communicate your wedding wishes is the online gift table. Fast, simple and understandable for everyone. This way, your guests can see directly what is really important to you – and avoid unwanted “waste”. Let's put your dream gifts on the list together and make your wedding an unforgettable experience!

smartphone displaying the Giftshappiness wedding wish list

How can I add products to my wedding wish list?

There are three main ways to add products. You can use our integrated wish search engine to search for items you like. Secondly, you can add items manually via URL (or without). Product data is automatically added (product title, image, price). Thirdly, you can get inspired by wishes of others and add them to your wedding list.

In which ways can I customize my wish list?

You can choose between individually-crafted images to style your wedding list. Alternatively, you can add individual list profile image or banner. Besides that, add a title, name and date to let your guests know the date of your wedding.

Do you value security?

At Giftshappiness, safety is paramount! Rest assured, your wish list is safeguarded with utmost security. Alongside robust website security measures, you have the option to add an extra layer of protection by assigning a unique password to your online wish list. This ensures that only trusted friends with the password can access and fulfill your wishes, enhancing the privacy and security of your data.

Can I sort my wedding wishes?

Yes, you can! By sorting your wishes you can assign priority to your wishes and you can decide which wishes your guests should see first.

Can I use Giftshappiness on my mobile phone?

Giftshappiness was designed in a mobile-first approach. With a unique app-lFike navigation bar on bottom it feels like you are using a native mobile app. You can use Giftshappiness on your PC, tablet or mobile phone hassle-free. In this video we show you how to add Giftshappiness to your iOS home screen.(Click Here)

Why would I want to create a Giftshappiness account?

First of all, you can be assured that you don't loose access to your weeding list. Besides that, you can keep track of your friends' list on your shared wish list overview. Never miss important events of your friends and the associated gifts.

Use Giftshappiness not only on your wedding

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Wish list for Christmas

Embrace the spirit of Christmas with Giftshappiness, your ultimate wish list destination. Create your list of cherished items and desires for the holiday season, ensuring a joyous celebration with us through our seamless online wish list experience.

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Wish list for your birthday

Craft your exclusive birthday wish list today! Whether it's for your own special day or for your children, fill it with your desired gifts and transform it into a personalized gift table to bring your wishes to life.

baby surrounded by gifts and clouds

Wish list for your baby shower

Giftshappiness is your online baby wish list. Whether for the birth or the baby shower: the perfect baby gifts are available with the baby wish list online from Giftshappiness.

No matter the occasion - whether it's Christmas, a wedding, a birthday, or celebrating a new arrival - Giftshappiness is your ultimate choice. With our versatile platform, you can create the perfect wish list tailored to any event, ensuring every celebration is filled with joy and thoughtful gifts.